GroupWise Mobile Device Support

GroupWise Mobile Server, powered by Intellisync, runs on more devices and platforms than any other mobile solution. With support for hundreds of devices, GroupWise Mobile Server makes it easy to meet and easily manage your mobile needs with a wide variety of devices and platforms. Here's an official list of supported mobile platforms and devices from Intellisync.

Supported Platforms*
  • Palm OS 3.5 up to 5.4
  • Symbian 7.0; 8.0
  • BREW 2.1; 3.1
  • Windows Mobile 2003; 2003SE; 5.0

Intellisync has certified that GroupWise Mobile Server supports devices that run on these platforms. All devices that runs on the above platforms should work. If they do not, Intellisync and Novell will support GroupWise Mobile Server customers to ensure the software functions.

Certified Devices
  • Palm Treo 600; 650; 700w
  • Nokia 3230; 6620; 6680; 6681; 6682; 6630; 7610; 7610b; 9300; 9500; N70
  • LG VX8000; VX8100, VX9800, 7000
  • Vodafone 702NK
  • Sony Ericsson P900; P910i; P910a
  • Motorola A1000; M1000; MPx220; VC3 (RAZR); E815; 325
  • Samsung i600; i700; i730; i830; A930; A950; A970; A890
  • Audiovox SMT5600; XV6600; XV6700
  • Dell Axim X5
  • HP 6315; HP 6515; iPAQ h1940; iPAQ 2215; iPAQ 5500

Intellisync has tested and certified that GroupWise Mobile Server supports these specific devices.